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Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear to the club for men?

Appropriate club attire for men includes a collared shirt, a suit, dress pants and high-quality jeans. Appropriate club attire for women includes a dress, a skirt, tight jeans, a nice top and a jacket. Proper attire varies based on the club and the area.

What is Country Club attire for men?

'Country club casual' is a fancy way of saying business casual; recommended attire for men includes a knit polo shirt with khakis, while appropriate attire for women includes a sun dress with flats.

What is club attire?

Club attire is all about dressing in a chic fashion, in tune with the ambiance and the purpose of the club, that is mingling with people, dancing and in general having fun.

What to wear in Las Vegas clubs?

Most all “official” Las Vegas nightclub dress codes will tell you that you can’t wear any of the following and get in the club: Baggy Jeans. Sports hats. (Exception: fedoras and the like are usually ok.) Tennis shoes. Shoes that are considered too “sports like.”. Shorts. Cut offs. Capris. Jerseys. Beanies.

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