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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hand sanitizer stronger than soap?

We agree that soap and water might be better than hand sanitizer, especially if someone has to touch the (potentially contaminated) doorknob after using the sanitizer. Alcohol-based sanitizers seem to work against many bacteria but are less effective against viruses (Journal of Food Protection, June 2016). Consequently, if you are worried about norovirus or influenza, you’ll likely do better with careful hand-washing.

Is it safe to use hand sanitizer?

Yes it is safe but Wait for a while after you apply hand sanitizer. Remember that hand sanitizer can be used only when your hands are not completely dirty like you have been out for a while and could not wash hands then can use sanitizer.

Does hand sanitizer wash away dirt?

The hand sanitizer gel formula can be used on hands when soap and water are not available. Have a question? Escape to the sea as you wash your hands. This refreshing hand soap, enriched with aloe, washes away dirt and germs and leaves hands with an uplifting scent.

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