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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is our daily bread?

In 2021, Our Daily Bread turned 65 years old, and the Windsor office celebrated 40 years in Canada. Click the link to learn more. In 1938, Dr. M. R. DeHaan started a small radio program in Detroit, Michigan, USA called Detroit Bible Class.

What is Our Daily Bread Ministries?

Our Daily Bread is a tool of salvaging one’s soul from the shackles of darkness. It preaches ‘Love God’ ‘Love Others’ Our Daily Bread Ministries (ODB) is a Christian organization founded by Dr. Martin De Haan in 1938. It is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with over 600 employees.

What is our daily bread Christian University?

Our Daily Bread Christian University (ODBCU) offers free, online resources for learners of all levels. Whether you’re a pastor, small-group leader, youth worker, or simply someone who wants to gain a better understanding of the Christian faith, we have resources to meet your needs.

What is Our Daily Bread Bible reading notes?

Sharing inspiring stories and insightful illustrations, the Our Daily Bread Bible reading notes offer daily encouragement from God’s Word. Millions of people all round the world turn to Our Daily Bread for their own quiet times with God. It’s also a great little booklet to share with friends, family and within the church.

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