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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the Daily Oklahoman published?

The Daily Oklahoman was published in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and with 2,660,299 searchable pages from 1889–2021.

Where can I find old newspapers in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma Champion 1897-1900 Oklahoma City Daily Oklahoman 9149, 1951-1952, 1957-1959, 1968, 1979 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast Oklahoma City Pentecostal Holiness Faith and Gods Messenger (1925) Digital Archives of the Belleville Public Library Oklahoma City State Fairdealer Capitol Hill News 1911-1912

Where can I find Oklahoma newspaper titles on microfilm?

OHS has the largest collection of Oklahoma newspaper titles on microfilm. Titles date from 1819 to the present. The Newspaper Archives consist of more than 4,400 titles on approximately 33,000 reels of microfilm–of which 28,000 reels were produced in-house.

When did the Oklahoma City Times come out?

Oklahoma City Times, The (Oklahoma/United States) [Oklahoma City, Okla.] 3 December 1914 to 9 March 1920 Elephind Oklahoma City times (Oklahoma City, Okla.) (from Dec. 3, 1914 to March 9, 1920) MyHeritage The Oklahoma City times.

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