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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study engineering at Ohio State?

At Ohio State, engineering students conduct research alongside top faculty from across the university—doctors, physicists, designers, artists and experts in many other fields—to advance our knowledge and improve the world around us.

What GPA do you need to major in engineering at Ohio State?

1 enrolled in the College of Engineering as a pre-major (students enrolled outside the college should first follow the Change to Engineering Pre-Major process); 2 cumulative Ohio State GPA of 2.0 or better; 3 credit for Calculus II through completion of Math 1152, Math 1172, or Math 2162 (or equivalent version); More items...

What is the College of Engineering Statistics report?

This report is a compilation of statistical data regarding enrollment of undergraduate and graduate students, degrees granted, new student profiles, college programs and outcomes, faculty and staff profiles, and research expenditures within the College of Engineering and its affiliate programs.

What are the updated eligibility requirements for engineering majors?

Additionally, updated eligibility requirements will allow students to apply to a major earlier, which, for most students, will be the second semester of enrollment. Students will be admitted based on background and thought that demonstrate: Capacity to understand basic engineering principles and apply them in a variety of settings

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