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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything funny about safety videos?

However, there is a growing number of videos circulating around the web that offer anything but a boring approach to safety. Now while there’s nothing funny about safety, there’s always something funny about funny safety videos. There’s nothing wrong with adding some fun to your safety training.

Should you add fun to your safety training?

There’s nothing wrong with adding some fun to your safety training. Making it fun helps engage those who would otherwise tune out the content. Instead, a funny video might allow them to participate and absorb the information.

Is this funny safety video from the office a spoof?

With over 23 million views, this funny safety video from The Office (US) is a crowd-pleaser. The short clip of the show below is a spoof on workplace first aid training. The office employees attempt to learn CPR, but the class goes awry.

Are your safety training videos boring and dry?

There’s no short-cutting when it comes to safety at work or at home for that matter. Unfortunately, training classes and videos can also be extremely boring and dry when presented to employees.

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