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Frequently Asked Questions

What does OSHA say about online safety training?

OSHA does accept online safety and health training as a way to satisfy OSHA safety training requirements. In fact, here's how OSHA states it in this Letter of Interpretation: In OSHA 's view, self-paced, interactive computer-based training can serve as a valuable training tool in the context of an overall training program.

What is an OSHA safety plan?

An OSHA Safety Plan is a written plan that describes the potential hazards in the workplace, and the company policies, controls and work practices used to minimize those hazards. Although some states do require an "OSHA Plan", OSHA does not require a general safety plan.

What does OSHA say about online safety?

For years, OSHA has expressed concerns about relying too much on computer-based or online training. People have been asking OSHA formal questions about it since at least 1994. Consistently, OSHA has agreed that videos or "self-paced computer-based training" can be a valuable part of training.

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