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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OSHA 10 hour general industry?

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry is an OSHA-Authorized online training course that provides relevant safety material to help workers stay safe on the job. It is an online version of OSHA's popular Outreach training program.

What are OSHA general industries?

OSHA uses the term "general industry" to refer to all industries not included in agriculture, construction or maritime. General industries are regulated by OSHA's general industry standards, directives, and standard interpretations.

What OSHA standards require annual training?

OSHA requires all employees who work on site and are exposed to hazardous substances, health hazards, or safety hazards to receive 40 hours of initial training and an annual refresher of 8 hours thereafter.

What is OSHA 30 general industry?

The OSHA 30-hour General Industry Outreach Training course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in general industry.

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