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Frequently Asked Questions

What are optopticsplanet's how-to guides?

OpticsPlanet's how-to guides feature helpful articles and instructional videos that teach you everything you need to know about firearm maintenance, optics, ammunition, and outdoor recreation.

What is OpticsPlanet's shipping policy?

The company offers free shipping on orders of more than $49 to anywhere in the contiguous United States. OpticsPlanet’s collection is selected and organized by its employees and features customized hunting and tactical products.

Are there any issues with the customer service at OpticsPlanet?

There has never, not ever been any issues or concerns as the staff and personnel have always been very professional, courteous, and most efficient in assisting the customer. In fact, OpticsPlanet has provided discounts to us, whereby many other retailers are more concerned with the inflow of cash.

Where is OpticsPlanet located?

OpticsPlanet is an online retailer located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Where does OpticsPlanet ship from? The OpticsPlanet distribution center is in Illinois. Most items are shipped from the Illinois warehouse. What are OpticsPlanet Bucks?

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