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Frequently Asked Questions

How does optical smoke alarms work?

How Optical Smoke Alarms Work Smoke Enters the Optical Chamber. When a fire breaks out smoke will enter the optical chamber through the opening vents. ... Infrared Light is Scattered. As the smoke enters the optical chamber, its particles cause the infrared light to be scattered onto the photodiode light receptor. The Alarm Sounds. ...

How do you install a smoke alarm?

How to install smoke alarms: Install at least one smoke alarm on each level of your home. Place an alarm in or near each bedroom of your home. Write the date purchased on the back of each alarm. Position alarms on or near the ceiling and away from corners.

Should you choose wireless or wired smoke alarms?

Wireless systems are often used in historic buildings where the installation of wired systems is not permitted. Wired systems can however seem the most appealing option as they have a longer history of alerting us to a fire and therefore sending us to safety.

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