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Frequently Asked Questions

What are optic tumors?

Tumors of the Optic canal, Superior orbital fissure and sphenoid wing Tumors such as optic nerve sheath, and or cavernous sinus meningiomas may involve the optic canal or superior orbital fissure respectively.

What is the optic canal?

The optic canal is a small foramen bounded on each side by a cartilaginous bridge connecting the lesser wing to the sphenoid body.

How are optic tumors of the optic nerve treated?

Tumors superior to the optic nerve can be approached via an orbitofrontal craniotomy. Tumors below the optic nerve can be approached via a transethmoid or transmaxillary approach in selected cases.

What passes through the bony optic canal?

The optic nerve and ophthalmic artery pass through the optic canal from an intracranial to an intraorbital position. The canal is formed medially by the body of the sphenoid and laterally by the lesser wing. The bony optic canal forms a tight sheath around the optic nerve.

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