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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of optic meningioma?

Of particular significance are meningiomas arising from and growing within the optic nerve sheath, because these tumors can cause significant optic nerve compression while small.

What are optoptic nerve sheath meningiomas?

Optic Nerve Sheath Meningiomas (ONSM) are rare, benign neoplasms originating from the meningothelial cells of the meninges surrounding the optic nerve. The tumor may arise from either the intraorbital or intracanalicular portions of the optic nerve sheath.

How is optic canal meningioma (OCM) diagnosed?

Diagnosis was eventually made on the basis of high-spatial-resolution contrast-enhanced MR findings. Radiologists should have a high suspicion for the diagnosis of optic canal meningioma in patients with unexplained visual loss, particularly when visual loss is progressive.

Can cannalicular optic nerve meningioma be misdiagnosed?

Summary: We describe six cases of cannalicular optic nerve meningioma in which the diagnosis was missed for more than 1 year after the onset of symptoms. Clinical features led to a misdiagnosis of optic neuritis in all cases.

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