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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optic canal?

The optic canal is a small foramen bounded on each side by a cartilaginous bridge connecting the lesser wing to the sphenoid body.

Can high-resolution CT (HRCT) be used to diagnose optic canal fractures?

Objective To correlate the intraoperative endoscopic findings with high-resolution CT (HRCT) for the diagnosis of optic canal fractures (OCF). To compare the visual outcome of patients with different types of OCF and without. Design A retrospective, comparative case series.

Does OCF affect the visual acuity of patients with intracanalicular fractures?

Among these, 136 had undisplaced fractures, most of which were linear intracanalicular fractures. The initial visual acuity of patients with OCF was worse than that of patients without OCF (p<0.01). However, no statistical difference existed in the final visual acuity at 3 months after surgery (>0.05).

What passes through the bony optic canal?

The optic nerve and ophthalmic artery pass through the optic canal from an intracranial to an intraorbital position. The canal is formed medially by the body of the sphenoid and laterally by the lesser wing. The bony optic canal forms a tight sheath around the optic nerve.

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