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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the antonym of preceded?

precede, lead(verb) move ahead (of others) in time or space. Antonyms: follow, come after, succeed. Synonyms: lead, conduce, antecede, predate, antedate, chair, forgo, come before, result, guide, forego, direct, extend, top, run, premise, preface, take, moderate, pass, leave, conduct, contribute, introduce, go, head.

What is the opposite of precedencies?

Antonyms for precedence include inferiority, last, lowest, subservience, disadvantage, weakness, penalty, handicap, disfavor and disfavour. Find more opposite words ...

Is preceding before or after?

Preceding means being immediate before in time or place. The antonym for the word preceding is succeeding. for eg: the students had been informed about the art competition in the preceding week. OR the student would be informed about the art competition in the succeeding week.

What is the opposite of predecessors?

"Opposite" can mean many things. A few interpretations of the opposite of successor could be: Predecessor if you are talking about someone who came before, or antecedent if it is a less personally individualistic reference.

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