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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opposite of locally?

local and sightseer. excursionist. local and excursionist. outsider. local and outsider. central. local and central. Use filters to view other words, we have 31 antonyms for local. Filters.

What is an antonym for local?

local noun. Antonyms: express, fast, global. Synonyms: stopper. local noun. From or in a nearby location. We prefer local produce. Antonyms: fast, express, global. Synonyms: stopper. local noun. Having limited scope (either lexical or dynamic); only being accessible within a certain portion of a program. I'm in the TWU, too. Local 6. Antonyms: express, fast, global. Synonyms: stopper

What is the plural of local?

local m or f (plural locais, comparable) local; Noun . local m (plural locais) premises, rooms; site; place, location; Synonyms (place, site): lugar, sítio; Derived terms . localmente

What is the definition of local?

What does local mean? Making all possible or scheduled stops on a route; not express. (adjective) A local train.

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