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What is the opposite of dorsum?

JF - The top of both the foot and the hand is the dorsal surface. The opposite side of the hand is the palmar surface; the opposite side of the foot is called the plantar surface. Don't know why you thought that dorsal would be down. The dorsal fin of the shark is on his back.

What is the plural of dorsal?

The plural form of dorsal fin is dorsal fins . Find more words! The big grey animals with sickle-shaped dorsal fins and prominent beaks are bottlenose dolphins. The dorsal fins were supported by a basal element articulating with one vertebra each.

Is ventral the same as anterior?

- Dorsal: when something is said to be dorsal, it means that it is closer to the back side of the body. For example, the brain is dorsal to the eyes. - In a quadruped the terms anterior and posterior are synonymous with cranial and caudal. In humans, ventral and anterior, dorsal and posterior are interchangeable because we walk upright, or bipedal.

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