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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times has it snowed during the Minnesota State opener?

Three out of four years are free of measurable precipitation. Northern Minnesota has had snowflakes during the Opener at least five times in 68 years. Opening day temperatures have started as low as 24 degrees at International Falls (1996,2004), and sub-freezing conditions have even affected Minneapolis (31 degrees in 1979).

What is Minnesota's Fishing Opener weather like?

Minnesota's Fishing Opener weather can be variable in every sense of the word. We have seen hot, cold, wet, dry, stormy and even snowy. With such a large state and so many lakes, we have had years that were seemingly perfect in one area, only to be blustery and miserable in another.

When is the 2021 home opener at Target Field?

The 2021 Home Opener will be the first time fans have been at Target Field for a game since October 7, 2019 (Game 3 of the ALDS), while it also marks the largest gathering in Minnesota since March of 2020.

What is the weather like in Minnesota in early May?

The predominant wind direction is split fairly evenly between blowing from the northwest, south, and east. Fog is reported on the fishing opener about one year in ten in the south, about one year in six in the north. By early to mid May, Minnesota is entering its thunderstorm season.

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