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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is opening day delayed in the MLB?

The 1990 lockout set a precedent for a delayed Opening Day. That lockout lasted 32 days, shortened spring training to roughly two weeks, and pushed Opening Day back one week. Three extra days were tacked on to the end of the schedule to allow for a full 162-game season.

Should MLB move opening day back two weeks?

Push Opening Day back two weeks and the Marlins, Mets, Reds, and Nationals games would be rescheduled for later dates, and the Braves would open the season with that Padres series. Moving everything back two weeks would be a logistical nightmare, so MLB would have every team pick up the current schedule whenever the season begins.

Are there any hits in 2021 Topps Opening Day baseball cards?

Keeping to the same basic format, 2021 Topps Opening Day Baseball is one of the few MLB sets still geared to kids and budget collectors. While no hits are guaranteed, every pack has one insert. See also: 2020 Topps Opening Day Baseball Cards

When does the 2019 MLB season start?

Opening Day is scheduled for Thursday, March 31. Reaching a deal on March 1 would leave just enough time for a two-week offseason and a three-week spring training, and allow the regular season to begin as scheduled.

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