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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do on Opening Day of gun season?

It's important to note that most states log anywhere from a quarter to half of the total gun harvest on opening day. So be there. But don't overlook the rest of the season, though. Prime days will follow the first. On opening day, you're in for the long haul. Dress warm, pack a lunch and stay all day.

What are the hunting seasons in Michigan for 2021?

Michigan Hunting Seasons, 2020-2021 Early Antlerless, Firearms Sept. 19-20 Liberty Hunt Sept. 12-13 Independence Hunt Oct. 15-18 Archery Oct. 1-Nov. 14, Dec. 1-Jan. 1 Regular Firearm Nov. 15-30 2 more rows ...

What's the best month to hunt archery in 2021?

Early Antlerless Firearm: Sept. 18-19, 2021 Independence Hunt: Oct. 14-17, 2021 Hunters With Disabilities Hunt Archery: Oct. 1 - Nov. 14 and Dec. 1 - Jan. 1

How do you set up a hunting stand for opening day?

Getting into your stand like a ghost, and then waiting like you're not there, is the key to opening-day hunting success. Test your stand for creaks and groans, and work them out on your setup trip. Wrap metal or other loud surfaces (where you gun barrel might clunk) with moleskin or soft fabric.

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