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Frequently Asked Questions

When is opening day for deer in Michigan?

Opening day for Michigan's firearm deer season is Tuesday, Nov. 15, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has issued some helpful reminders in advance of deer season.

When does deer season start in Michigan?

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, bow season for deer begins in early fall before stopping to resume in December. Bear hunting season dates depend on the specific zone, or Bear Management Unit, with dates usually ranging from the beginning of September through the end of October.

When are deer in season?

Deer hunting seasons vary across the United States. In game zone 3 in the state of South Carolina, deer hunting season starts August 15th and runs through January 1st. Some seasons in states such as Florida and Kentucky start as early as September and can go all the way until February like in Texas.

When is gun deer season in Michigan?

Firearm deer season means big bucks for Michigan. According to Pure Michigan, the season from today until November 30th makes up the largest economic impact from hunting for the state.

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