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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Opening Day 2018 start?

March 29: 2018 Opening Day is here! Mike Carlson/MLB Photos March 29: Adam Jones is welcomed onto the field during player introductions on Opening Day in Baltimore.

Is the 2018 opening day base set the same as 2017?

However, as the 2017 set showed, there are still some rare OD options and even hits to chase, and 2018 is the same. Using the '18 flagship design, but with an added brand logo, the 2018 Opening Day base set features 200 current players with key rookies. This includes 75 subjects from the main Series 2 lineup.

What's new in the 2018 Opening Day inserts?

Moving to where much of the excitement is found, the 2018 Opening Day inserts touch on many themes, falling one per pack. Opening Day looks back with shots from the start of the 2017 season, while Before Opening Day is new and takes collectors on a trip to Spring Training.

When does the 2018 Topps Opening Day baseball card come out?

Although quite tough to uncover, 2018 Topps Opening Day Baseball still offers a few elusive hits to chase. Beyond the standard Opening Day Autographs and game-used Relics is the Diamond Relics insert that provides actual field dirt in the card. Release Date: March 14, 2018.

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