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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an open access plan a PPO?

To the consumer there is no difference between a PPO and an Open Access POS plan - both plans allow you direct access to physicians with no referals and services received in network will be reimbursed at a greater benefit level. The difference between these two plans is more in how the medical providers are contacted with the POS network.

What is an open access health insurance plan?

Open access works like traditional health insurance in that plan members have choices in what doctors to see and services to use, all of which may not be covered in a particular plan. In addition, both HMO and POS plans may offer open access features.

What does "open access" mean?

Simply put, Open Access or OA means you have unrestricted access to a particular journal or article. Usually the publishers of the journal in which the retain the rights of that particular article.

What is the definition of open access?

Open access refers to the practice of making peer-reviewed scholarly research and literature freely available online to anyone interested in reading it. Open access has two different versions-gratis and libre.

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