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Frequently Asked Questions

What is openopen access?

Open Access is the free, immediate, online availability of research articles coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment.

What is accesslinking and how does it work?

Linking lets you connect to data in another database without importing it, so that you can view and modify the latest data in both the source and destination databases without creating and maintaining two copies of the same data. You can link only to tables in another Access database. You cannot link to queries, forms, reports, macros, or modules.

What is open access College?

Student Links - Open Access College Open Access College is an R-12 government distance education school for students who cannot access a local school, or who want a broader curriculum 1800 882 328 (Toll Free) Contact DAYMAP Parents Students

How do I apply for access link?

If you are interested in applying for full Access Link eligibility, or want to discuss your transportation needs, call 9 73-491-4224 and select option #1 for the Certification Group.

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