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Frequently Asked Questions

What is open access computer labs?

Open Access Computer Labs (OAL), a resource provided by Texas A&M Academic Services - Provost IT Office, provides a wide range of computers, software, scanners and printing – available up to 24 hours per day across campus. Students, faculty and staff can also access 2 GB of storage space to save files or create a web page.

How do I get access to labs on campus?

Staff access is determined by their department. Numerous supported labs are located across campus, including OAL computers in the University Libraries, to better serve the academic and instructional needs of the University. All lab resources can also be accessed off campus using the Virtual Open Access Lab (VOAL).

Where is the SCC open access lab located?

This facility also provides two computer classrooms, in Room 129 and Room 104. The Student Computing Center (SCC) Open Access Lab is located in the Student Computing & Group Study Building, next to the parking garage and the Evans Library building.

Where is the blocker building open access lab?

The Blocker Building Open Access Lab (BLOC) is located on the first floor of the John R. Blocker Building in room 130. This building is located on the north side of campus across Ireland Street from the North Parking Garage.

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