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Frequently Asked Questions

What are food grade plastic barrels?

Food grade plastic barrels are great for the use of food packaging and doesn’t have any sort of chemical dyes as well as dangerous toxins that can be found in nutrition or h2o. Important: if it doesn’t state on the drum that is food grade, then understand that is not! #1 Selling Food Grade Plastic Drum – Get It Here!

What can I do with surplus plastic barrels?

We carry a selection of used and unused surplus plastic barrels at great prices. These barrels are in good to great condition and are available in a range of sizes. Like metal barrels, plastic barrels may have been used previously to contain food or chemicals, and can be reused as trash bins, rain barrels, flotation barrels and more.

What are 50 gallon plastic barrels for sale used for?

Aside from helping you significantly reduce your water consumption, the water you collect in this 50 gallon plastic barrels for sale is also ideally suited for a number of uses. Since rainwater is generally pure and soft, it is ideal of irrigation purposes around the home.

What can I do with old metal barrels?

We also tend to have selections of food-grade and non-food grade drums, which may or may not have previously held food products or chemicals respectively. There are many ways to repurpose metal barrels, from trash bins and compost bins to burning barrels, storage, feeders and more!

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