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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search by offender number?

Searches by Number should be used if the offender number is known. A prefix, 'A', 'R', or 'W', must be used to search by offender number. 'W' is used for all female inmates. 'A' and 'R' denote male inmates, with the vast majority of male inmates using 'A' prefix. Please note that all offender numbers are 6 digits,...

Where can I find individuals currently incarcerated in Ohio prisons?

Find individuals currently incarcerated in Ohio prisons. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's Offender Search displays information on offenders who are currently incarcerated in an Ohio prison, currently under DRC supervision, judicially released, or who died of natural causes while incarcerated.

How many digits are in an offender number?

Please note that all offender numbers are 6 digits, no spaces or hyphens. For example, 123-456 becomes 123456. Female offender numbers are generally 5 digits, and in those cases, a leading zero must be added to properly search by offender number. For example, 12345 becomes 012345.

What is a major drug offender (MDO)?

Because of the quantity of drugs involved, a major drug offender (MDO) has received a prison term that is from one to 10 years longer than the maximum term usually available for level of offense committed. Example: Offender A was convicted of possessing more than 100 grams of crack cocaine, an F-1.

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