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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Often Imitated Never Duplicated” mean?

The phrase “often imitated, never duplicated” first appeared in 1927 as a slogan in a magazine ad placed by Traub Manufacturing Company to promote their wedding and engagement rings. Of course, referencing that you may be able to knockoff, but it won’t hold the value of the original.

Can design be duplicated?

But while design can often be imitated, and in reality always will be, true innovation and quality craftsmanship can never be duplicated. And most importantly YOU, as a consumer and/or a producer, have a choice to care and see the value of original design. Why Knockoffs Exist?

What does it mean when someone attempts to copy something?

Definition: Many people attempt to copy something, but their efforts never match the original. This expression most likely originated as a company slogan. Ironically, the slogan has been duplicated so many times that it is difficult to isolate the original.

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