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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a list of sexual predators in Florida?

For more information about this service and its availability on the Internet with the use of a credit card, please visit FDLE's Criminal History Records Webpage. This database includes individuals who have been designated as Sexual Predators under the current Florida law which was effective July 1, 1996. This list is updated regularly.

Where can I find an inmate in Florida?

Florida also has dozens of county jails managed and operated by the county Sheriff’s office. The Florida Department of Corrections has a search tool on its website where the public can search for an inmate incarcerated in state prison. You can search using a partial name or the inmate’s DC number.

How do I Check my Criminal History in Florida?

For alternative electronic methods, visit Florida Criminal History Record Check. State and national criminal history information is available to governmental agencies for licensing and employment as authorized under Florida law. For additional information, you may contact the agency that governs the type of employment in which you are interested.

What does my continued access to sexual offender or sexual predator information mean?

Your continued access to sexual offender or sexual predator information via this site constitutes your request to view selected information. Positive identification of a person believed to be a sexual predator or a sexual offender cannot be established unless a fingerprint comparison is made.

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