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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know October facts?

October Facts. Did You Know? October Facts. October is National Pizza Month, Popcorn Month, Pork Month and Sausage Month. More US presidents have been born in October than in any other month. More candy is sold on October 28th than any other day of the year. (That’s to re-fill the first batch of Halloween candy purchased earlier.)

What does the Bible say about October?

October's theme for scripture quotes is " Live by Faith " featuring Bible verses about hope, faith, and trusting in God. May these October Bible verses strengthen your faith and trust in the Lord. Be guided by the Word of God to walk in faith, believing in Him through all hardships and uncertainty.

Where does the name "October" come from?

OCTOBER: The name for this month comes from the Roman word for “eighth” - octavus - as it was the eighth month of the Roman year.

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