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Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain case information?

Case Information by Phone Case information is available toll free through the court's automated Voice Case Information System (VCIS) at (866)-222-8029. This system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A case number, complete name, or a social security number/ITIN is required to obtain case information.

How do I look up my case number?

Find the docket number by contacting the court clerk where the case is being heard. This is the most straightforward way to get the case number. As long as you know the party's name and the county where the case is heard, the clerk can quickly access the docket number.

How do you look up a court case number?

Go Online. The website for your state's unified court system should have links to county courts and a contact number of someone who can help you navigate through the system. Enter the docket number into the search field to see if it brings up reports, files or abstracts from a specific court.

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