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Frequently Asked Questions

What is seddas and how does it work?

SEDDAS uses a process of allowing designated school district personnel to create, assign and manage secure user IDs and passwords for their own staff rather than going through SED to do so. SEDDAS is designed to be a self-supporting system based on the User Guide and Quick Guides provided below.

How do I Reset my seddas password?

For assistance with SEDDAS password resets and technical difficulties regarding the NYSED Application Business Portal and the SEDDAS application, contact NYSED at [email protected] Please provide the BEDS code of your district or school, the User ID you are calling about, your name and a contact phone number.

How are seddas entitlements carried over from the IRSP?

SEDDAS Entitlements to the IDEx will be carried over directly from the IRSP . Any new staff requiring access to the forms located in the IDEx must be given IRSP entitlements. For questions related to special education data collection requirements, please contact Information Reporting Services - Special Education

How do I contact SED monitoring?

Questions regarding SED Monitoring surveys can be directed to the program office of the survey you need assistance with. A complete listing of contacts can be found by logging in to SED Monitoring and clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. The following applications cannot be accessed from the SEDDAS home page.

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