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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the candidates for New York City mayor in 2021?

Garcia, if elected, would be the city's first female mayor. Ray McGuire, mayoral candidate for New York City, in New York, on Saturday, March 13, 2021. The former investment banker and Citigroup executive's campaign centers on fueling an economic rebound and his platform includes a job accelerator to bring back 50,000 jobs in New York City.

Who is New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales?

Dianne Morales, mayoral candidate attends a workers rally in New York in April 2021. As a former nonprofit executive and New York City public school teacher, Morales wants to guarantee housing for New York City residents and desegregate the city's public schools and has called to "defund the police; fund the people."

Who concedited in the NYC Mayor's race?

Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley both conceded to Eric Adams in the mayor’s race. Progressives had hoped that a left-leaning candidate would win.

Who is New York City mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia?

Mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia speaks as Reverend Al Sharpton moderates mayoral candidate forum at NAN headquarters in New York on May 25, 2021. As commissioner of New York City's Sanitation Department, Garcia oversaw a staff of 10,000 and managed the city's trash collection, water distribution and snow removal.

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