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Frequently Asked Questions

What is numeric rating scale (NRS)?

The Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) for pain is a unidimensional measure of pain intensity in adults. The NRS is a segmented numeric version of the visual analog scale (VAS) in which a respondent selects a whole number (0 to 10 integers) that best reflects the intensity of their pain.

What does numerical scale mean?

Numerical rating scales (NRS) use numbers to rate pain. Visual analog scales (VAS) typically ask a patient to mark a place on a scale that aligns with their level of pain. Categorical scales use words as the primary communication tool and may also incorporate numbers, colors, or relative location to communicate pain.

What is summated rating scale?

a type of assessment instrument comprising a series of statements measuring the same construct or variable to which respondents indicate their degree of agreement or disagreement. A Likert scale is the most commonly used summated rating scale. Also called summated rating method; summated scale. What is a personal checklist?

What is a numeric pain rating scale?

The numeric rating scale is a scale designed to help assess the extent of an individual's pain and improve communication regarding pain with health care providers. This scale can help guide the diagnostic process, track the progression of the pain, and more. Many hospitals use the NRS on whiteboards in hospital rooms daily to measure pain levels.

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