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Frequently Asked Questions

What is number 12 in the Book of numbers?

Numbers 12 – The Dissension of Aaron and Miriam A. Miriam and Aaron bring an accusation against Moses. 1. (1) Miriam and Aaron criticize Moses’ wife and marriage.

What is the meaning of Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary 12?

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary 12:10-16 The cloud departed, and Miriam became leprous. When God goes, evil comes: expect no good when God departs. Her foul tongue, as Bishop Hall says, was justly punished with a foul face. Aaron, as priest, was judge of the leprosy.

What are the numbers 12-10-16 in the Bible?

Numbers 12:10-16 . MIRIAM'S LEPROSY. 10. the cloud departed from the tabernacle --that is, from the door to resume its permanent position over the mercy seat.

What is the meaning of Numbers 14 18-19?

Just as You have spoken: The list of Numbers 14:18-19 is almost a quote from the words of self-revelation God spoke to Moses in the dramatic encounter Moses had with God in Exodus 34:6-8. i. Long-suffering… abundant… forgiving iniquity and transgression… by no means clears the guilty… mercy: Each of these are mentioned first in Exodus 34:6-8.

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