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Frequently Asked Questions

How many printable numbers are in a flash card?

Printable Numbers 1 20 Flashcards (90+ Images In Collection) Page 2 | Number Flash Cards Printable 1 20 With one of these cost-free, printable cards you may deliver a friend or family member a greeting card without paying the silly volume to get a paper card at the store, or take the time standing upright in collection to look at.

What are numbernumber posters or cards?

Number Posters feature the numbers 1 - 20. (Print on cards stock and laminate for durability.) All posters or cards feature: *the written numeral *the word form of the number *ten frame representations of the number *counting finger representations of the number A duplicate set of each size i

How many numbers are in the numbers numbers task cards?

Numbers Task Cards These Numbers Task Cards focus on identifying numbers 1-20. There are five different sets for a total of 100 cards included. Task Card Sets Included: Matching Number to Number (1-20) Matching Number Word to Number (1-20) Counting to Objects 20 Identifying Numbers that Come Bef

How do you teach students numbers 1-20?

A set of pocket chart cards you can use to introduce students to numbers 1-20. It includes numbers, number words, tally marks, finger counting, a number line, ten frame, and apples to count. Practice number identification, develop number sense, and counting skills.

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