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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any 1-20 number chart available for kids?

Not only that, 1-20 number chart are available with attractive template for accompany your kids. The chart will provide an attractive picture, colors, and also various type of number like roman numbers. With the attractive template will grab their attention and create an enjoy learning for them. How can you get the 1-20 number chart?

How many ways are there to teach numbers 1-20?

It includes the numbers 1-20 in three ways: numerals, words, and tally marks. Black & white sets of the number cards are also included. Save on ink and print these out on brightly coloured paper. This a great whol A set of pocket chart cards you can use to introduce students to numbers 1-20.

Are there any flashcards for numbers 1-10?

The flashcards are printable and free and cover numbers 1-10. Numbers Chart 1-10 – A simpler version of the number chart 1-20. Use it to teach the numbers up to ten.

How do you use a pocket chart for 1-20?

This pocket chart game is a great way to review numbers 1-20 and number words one-ten with your students. Simply print the cards on card stock and laminate them for durability. Place these in a pocket chart or in a center and let the kids take turns hiding and finding the candy canes.

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