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Frequently Asked Questions

What are numbernumber search puzzles?

Number Search puzzles are similar to word searches, but instead you are finding numbers. For most of the numbers, you need to solve the problem first, to get the number you are looking for. Each page has 1 number search, and we have a link to the answers on each number search page.

What are the best hidden number games?

Hidden Number Games. 1 Zoo Mysteries. Find all the hidden objects, numbers, letters, outlines and differences in the Zoo. 2 Mysteriez! 2 Daydreaming. 3 China Temple. 4 Medieval Castle Hidden Numbers. 5 Pirates and Treasures. More items

How many 5-digit numbers are hidden in this puzzle?

There are eighteen five-digit numbers hidden in this number search puzzle. Can you find them all? ( Solution) Find and circle the 5-digit numbers in this puzzle. ( Solution)

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