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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oracle Database 12c?

In 2013 Oracle introduced Oracle Database 12c—the world’s first database designed for the cloud. Over successive releases of Oracle Database, Oracle continued to simplify customers’ efforts to standardize, consolidate, and automate database services in the cloud.

What do the numbers mean in Oracle database releases?

Oracle Database releases are categorized by five numeric segments, which are divided by periods. The first, second, fourth, and fifth numerals provide information about the Oracle Database release: First numeral: Oracle Database major release number. For example: Oracle 11 g; Oracle 12 c

What is the difference between Oracle 12c and 19C?

Oracle 19c is essentially Oracle 12c Release 2 ( Therefore, if you are considering an Oracle 12.2 Database deployment, you should consider an upgrade to the latest 12.2 release, which turns out to be Oracle 19c. The new version numbering scheme utilizes a 3-tier designation and carries 2 digits for other purposes.

What is the Oracle Database patch release number?

For example: Oracle 11 g; Oracle 12 c Second numeral: Oracle Database maintenance release number. For example: Oracle 12 c release 1; Oracle 12 c release 2 Fourth numeral: Oracle Database patch release number. For example:;; Fifth numeral: Oracle Database platform patch set release number for a platform.

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