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Frequently Asked Questions

How to see SAP note details in tcode sNote?

In Table CWBNTHEAD you can find the SAP Note details which you apply on your system.This table gives you the Note Number which you applied, year when created,its status etc.Again we are able to see various information in tcode SNOTE itself. Help to improve this answer by adding a comment.

What are the sap notes?

Most SAP Notes contain the description of the issue from a business perspective as well as the technical solution Implementation tool for the coding corrections is available to help customer to implement SAP Notes Most SAP Notes are available in German and English

What are the delivery tables for sales document in SAP SD?

In SAP SD, for SD (Sales and Distribution) Document, there are 2 main tables storing the Delivery Data of SD Document: LIPS – SD document: delivery: Item data Logistics Execution – Shipping Here the list of SAP Delivery Tables for Sales Document in SAP SD or SAP Tables having Delivery Information of SO:

What are the shippinh tables in SAP?

Here a further list for Shippinh Tables in SAP : The Shipment Cost Tables in SAP in LE (Logistics Execution) are: Delivery header data is in table LIKP. Delivery item data is in table LIPS. Shipment header data is in table VTTK. The Shipment delivery data is in table VTTP. Shipment stage data is in table VTTS.

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