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Frequently Asked Questions

What is North Country Orthopaedic Group?

North Country Orthopaedic Group is a medical group practice located in Watertown, NY that specializes in Physician Assistant (PA) and Orthopedic Surgery, and is open 5 days per week. Does North Country Orthopaedic Group ... Does North Country Orthopaedic Group offer weekend appointments?

What is your experience at North Country Orthopedic?

I don't drop thing anymore. Dr Baird is a wonderful orthopedic doctor. My experience at North Country Orthopedic was exceptional. The staff was very friendly and efficient. I had carpal tunnel surgery and my hand feels like new!

Why choose our Ambulatory Surgery Center in Watertown?

Our ambulatory surgery center is highly regarded in the area as well. All of this is available to you at our location in Watertown, New York. We want to ensure that our excellent reputation continues by always providing the best patient service possible. Let us show what excellence looks like.

Is your orthopaedic surgeon board certified?

All five North Country Orthopaedic Group surgeons are board-certified or actively engaged in the two year certification process (board-eligible). Some hospitals in Jefferson County have hired non-board-certified surgeons. We believe board certification matters. Click here to find out if your surgeon is board-certified.

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