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Frequently Asked Questions

How big will the 3DS XL screen be?

The top screens on the 2DS and 3DS measure 3.53-inches, while the 2DS XL and 3DS XL both feature larger 4.88-inch displays. The resolution for the top screens on all devices is 400 x 240.

Is the 3DS screen bigger than the DSi XL?

The DSi XL is nothing like the 3DS screen, the XL is basically just a slightly bigger version of the original DSi so the pixels on the games are bigger. My mum has one and I don't like the DSi XL personally.

Is the 3DS XL the same size as DSi XL?

The 3DS XL is actually slightly shorter in length, measuring the handheld across from left to right when stacked on top of the DSi XL. thickness is pretty much the same as well. it'll fit that case just fine with a tad bit of room left :). I guess you're right. The 3DS XL is smaller than the DSi XL! That case still have space for 8 games storage.

Is the Nintendo 3DS really 3D?

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest handheld console to hit the market, and it’s most remarkable feature is 3D, without 3D glasses.

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