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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences of getting cut from an NFL roster?

Some players may still land on a 53-man roster even after being cut because of the NFL's injured reserve rules. If a player is placed on IR before the 53-man roster deadline passes, they are automatically out for the season; if a player is placed on it after the deadline, they can be activated as soon as three weeks after placement.

How many players get cut from NFL rosters?

Throughout the summer, the roster sizes expand but must be cut down to 53 players by Week 1. Each week in preseason also has a cut deadline. Forty-six players are active on game day, and ten players can be kept on the practice squad. Each team’s roster page brings you some important information about each player’s background.

What is the deadline for NFL roster cuts?

NOTE: This tracker reflects moves that were made for each team to reduce their roster to 53 players before the August 31 deadline. To follow cuts and signings that have taken place after the deadline, check 's news page and transactions page.

Who were some of the surprises cuts from NFL rosters?

I mean, the Pittsburgh Steelers cut Len Dawson and Johnny Unitas in the late 1950s, and those guys went on to have fairly decent careers. So, with that in mind, here are our most surprising cuts from NFL teams as the required roster constrictions happened.

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