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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the US and South Korea respond to North Korea?

The U.S. and South Korea vowed on Tuesday to ramp up their nuclear deterrence efforts and military drills in the face of increased hostilities from North Korea.

What are the crowds like in Seoul?

Crowds are not unusual for that area, or for Seoul residents, who are used to jam-packed subways and streets in a city of almost 10 million.

What is South Korea's last remaining slum?

South Korean media has described the area of closely packed makeshift homes as the capital's last remaining slum. It took more than 900 firefighters and several helicopters five hours to put out the blaze. South Korea's President called for all available firefighters to be deployed to the blaze

How will Washington and Seoul respond to North Korea's missile program?

The defense leaders said Washington and Seoul would continue to increase deterrence in the wake of North Korea’s expanded missile program by strengthening the "implementation of extended deterrence in areas of information sharing, joint planning and execution and consultation mechanisms."

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