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Frequently Asked Questions

What's going on in Ghana?

In addition, sporadic fighting has increased in Ghana's north, which borders the more tumultuous nation of Burkina Faso and the Sahel, a region where local offshoots of al-Qaida and the Islamic State group have been operating.

What does the $139 million visit to Ghana mean for the US?

Backed up by a $139 million aid package the visit, which will also see Harris travel to Tanzania and Zambia, aims to strengthen the United States' partnership with Ghana and promote regional security, according to a White House briefing Monday.

What's happening in Accra on Monday?

On Monday Harris will meet Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo in Accra and announce a $100 million package to support conflict prevention and stabilization efforts in Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, and Togo.

What happened to Ghana's debt?

Ghana defaulted on most of its $29 billion external debt last year, as interest payments and inflation soared, and it still needs to negotiate a resolution with its private international bondholders and bilateral creditors.

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