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Frequently Asked Questions

What is World 8-bowser's castle?

World 8-Bowser's Castle is the final level in World 8 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and the final level in the main storyline. The Mario bros will face their toughest battle with Bowser to save Peach. Attention MarioWiki users!: This section is short or lacks sufficient information.

What is world 1 in Super Mario Bros?

World 1-Castle (New Super Mario Bros.) World 1-Castle is the last level and the castle of World 1, and subsequently, the first castle of New Super Mario Bros. The boss here is Bowser.

How do you get Bowser in the First World?

The boss door at the end of the area leads to Bowser, the boss of the first world. The fight is very similar to the ones from Super Mario Bros., as the fight takes place on a small bridge above a pit of lava, with a skull switch (which replaces the axe from Super Mario Bros.) at one end.

How do you get to the Thwomp in Bowser's Castle?

This level takes place in Bowser's Castle. Mario must first enter the door in the first room. If he hits the ? Switch from one of the blocks, the will turn room upside-down. In the next room, there are several burners. After going through the door at the very right of it, Mario will arrive in a room with a Thwomp.

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