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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 2022/23 NBA Premier League ball come out?

The new 2022/23 Nike Flight @premierleague Ball is landing July 15th in stores and online. Inspired by the league’s maiden season 30 years ago, it comes with the same colors and bold graphic blocking as the first ball used back in ’92.

When will the new Premier League ball be released?

Nike have released a picture of the new Premier League ball, which will see for the first time in Arsenal's trip to Crystal Palace on Friday 5th August. The 2021/21 season finished only a few weeks ago, however, preparation has already begun for the new season.

How much does a Premier League Soccer Ball cost?

For fans in the U.S., you’re going to need to head to, where the Nike Premier League Flight Soccer Ball is available for $159.99 and is, unfortunately, back ordered to mid August. The Premier League runs all the way to next May though, so that gives you plenty of time to enjoy your new ball while it’s fresh.

How many balls are used in a Premier League match?

The Premier League tried a new system when football was being played behind closed doors. This means, a total of 10 balls will be used, one on the pitch, one with the fourth official and the rest of the eight balls positioned around the length of the pitch so that the game flows in the smoothest manner without breaks due to human error.

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