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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kpop girl group will debut in 2022?

The group under Shining Star Culture (a subsidiary of YG Entertainment) is sure to be one of the most favorite KPop girl groups if they really debut in 2022. A 7-piece Kpop girl group that plans to debut in 2022 (previously planned to debut in 2021) is 05Class (05클라쓰) under JPlanet Entertainment.

What is the new Kpop girl group?

The new Kpop girl group ILY:1 (아일리원) plans to debut on March 2022. The 6-piece group under FCENM Entertainment consists of Hana, Rona, Ririka, Nayu, Ara and Elva. 12. Yes IM Entertainment Girl Group Although it has no official name yet, Yes IM Entertainment girl group plans to debut on March-April 2022.

Is zerosix coming to KPOP in 2022?

LIZ Entertainment plans to debut its new Kpop girl group in the second half of 2022. The group, ZeroSix (제로식스), is a 5-piece girl group consisting of Xindy, Byeolha, Yehwa, SeoA, and Davin. They released a pre-debut carol, ‘White Christmas Fall in Love’ on December 18, 2020.

Is baby monster coming to K-pop in 2022?

While no statement has come from any of the parties involved, avid K-Pop fans suspect this completely veiled five-member girl group is debuting 2022 to change the scene for once and for all. 7. Baby Monster

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