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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 9 KPop boy groups to expect in 2021?

9 New K-Pop Boy Groups Expected To Debut In 2021 1. KINGDOM. KINGDOM is an upcoming 7-member boy group with perhaps the most unique concept of the year, knights! 2. MAXIMUM. MAXIMUM is a 4 member boy group set to debut soon. They consist of Wanshin, Seungkwon, Minho, and Seonghwan. 3. NTX. NTX is a ...

Who are the new Kpop group?

This new Kpop group consists of Yunhyeok, Hyeongjin, Changhun, Jaemin, Eunho, Hojun, Seongwon, Gihyun, Jiseong, and Rohyun. Due to the pandemic in 2020, they have to postpone their debut and made it on March 30, 2021. Though they’ve got criticism over their concept of ‘ Kiss The World ,’ they successfully make a good music video.

What is the best rookie K-pop boy group of 2021?

Here are a few boy groups that are starting to leave their mark on the industry. Which is the best rookie K-pop boy group of 2021? Ciipher is a seven-member K-pop boy group formed and managed by R.A.I.N Company. The group held its debut showcase on March 15, 2021, and released its debut album, ' I Like You', the next day.

Who are the boys in the K-pop boy groups?

The boys consist of Hyeongjin, Yunhyeok, Jaemin, Changhun, Hojun, Eunho, Jiseong, Seongwon, Gihyun, and Rohyun. 4. JN Entertainment Boy Group This 7-member unnamed group is said to be debuting this year from JN Entertainment. The boys include Bleu, Moonbong, Iroon, Hyeongjin, Vin, Geonhee, and Woori. 5. TEN X

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