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What was the first map of New England?

In 1548 Giacomo Gastaldi issued Tierra Nueva, the first regional map of northeast North America (fig. 1). Gastaldi’s depiction of southern New England is based on Giovanni da Verrazano’s 1524 voyage along the East Coast, during which he sailed through Vineyard and Nantucket Sounds and rounded Cape Cod.

What are the best early maps of Massachusetts?

Though crudely executed, maps by two colonists give by far the best early depiction of Massachusetts’ interior geography and the new English towns. William Wood’s The South part of New-England (1634) shows eastern Massachusetts, including the complex coastal geography and the system of rivers emptying into Massachusetts Bay.

What is a facsimile of a map of New England?

A facsimile of an early map of New England in 1631 as observed by Captain John Smith in 1614. The map covers the coastline from Cape James (Cape Cod) and Stuards Bay (Cape Cod Bay) north to Pembrocks Bay and the Bay of Fundy. A settlement is shown at...

What were the demographics of the New England colonies?

Demographics in the colonies: The New England colonies attracted Puritan settlers with families and not single indentured servants, unlike the Chesapeake colonies. The Middle colonies attracted a diverse group of European migrants, including Germans, Scots-Irish, French, and Swedish families, along with English migrants.

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