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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best K-pop boy groups of 2022?

Here are the best K-pop boy groups of 2022, ranked by fans everywhere. Featuring new and recent debuts, like Trendz and Omega X, and internationally known groups, like BTS and NCT, the top Korean boy groups continue to bring us the best visuals, memorable songs, and powerful dance choreos. Who are your bias groups?

Who are the members of the new K-pop boy group Blank2y?

The new Kpop boy group, PNation Loud, consisting of 7 members: Choi TaeHun, Woo KyungJun, Jang HyunSoo, Cheon Junhyeok, EunHwi, and Oh Sungjun, is expected to debut in 2022. 6. Blank2y Previously known as Keystone Boyz, Blank2y (블랭키 – pronounced blank-key) currently consists of Youngbin, Donghyuk, Siwoo, and Taewoo.

What's new with Hybe in 2022?

They are preparing to debut a new girl group in 2022 that will have members recruited during HYBE's 2019 "Plus Global Audition". Update: The group's name has been announced and they are called 'NewJeans'. They have pre-released music but will make their official debut on August 1st. Read all about the group in this article.

What is brand new music's new boy group?

Brand New Music has launched a full-fledged debut plan for their new boy group. This new boy group is Brand New Music's first group with a large number of members. The group will consist of multi-talented members, including Lee EunSang, who is currently working as a solo artist. They will be debuting in the first half of 2022.

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